QINO vNext

  • We want to help tank terminals all over the world to run their business in the most efficient and safe way.
  • QINO vNext is our very cool, user-friendly, revolutionary, cloud-based terminal management system.
  • QINO vNext embodies our many years of terminal-specific business and IT knowledge.
  • It gives terminals all the information to be in total control – real-time, anywhere, anytime – thus providing peace of mind.

Cloud-based Terminal Management for everyone!

What is QINO vNext?

QINO vNext is a standardized, cloud-based terminal management solution made for liquid bulk terminals that want to benefit from the industry’s best practices.

As an innovative terminal management software solution, vNext is made to interact and connect. It allows liquid bulk storage terminals to experience focus, pleasure, ease and maximum profit in their daily work – for many fluid movements and joyful moments @ work.

QINO vNext embodies 30 years of terminal-specific knowhow and IT knowledge. State-of-the-art technologies and a modern architecture have resulted in a standardized, high-end, cloud-based full order-2-cash and arrival-2-departure solution that is safe, secure, reliable, user-friendly, and transparent. What you see is what you get and you pay for what you use – reducing time and cost spent on IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business.

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  • Cloud-based TMS for everyone
  • Business expertise: 30 years of terminal-specific knowhow embodied in a modern standardized product
  • Level 2 independent
  • Order-2-cash & arrival-2-departure functionality (including level 4 contract management and invoicing)
  • Future proof – designed for cloud
  • Easy to buy, implement and use
  • Fully modular: Expand as you grow
  • Transparent pricing: Pay for what you really use
  • Value for money: Benefit from best practice & low implementation effort
  • Standardized best practices with built-in configuration fit to suit you
  • High-grade security using Amazon & Azure cloud services
  • Industry standardized interfaces to various systems
  • SCU compatible: Built and designed for the downstream supply chain
vNext process

QINO vNEXT makes modern terminal management software available for everyone. Also for you?

  • Do you operate a liquid bulk storage terminal?
  • Do you want to organize your business benefitting from the industry’s best practices?
  • Do you want a solution that is easy to Start, Easy to Use and Easy to Expand?
  • Do you only want to pay for what you really use?
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And we’ll explain your choices and help you pick:

  • How many movements do you expect per year?
  • Does your terminal handle other operational processes than Ship in/out or Transfers?
  • Do you want QINO vNext to generate invoices?
  • Do you want to further automate your terminal and have QINO vNext interface with automatic tank gauging, customs, financial, ERP or other software?
  • Do you require 24/7 support?

Let us know, lean back – and enjoy a demo to see how modern TMS can help you!
And yes, we’ll also inform you on your monthly subscription fee!


  • Low implementation cost fit to suit your needs
  • Benefit from industry best practices
  • Easy to start, easy to use, easy to expand
  • Available anywhere, anytime – always online via respected cloud hosting providers
  • Safe & secure
  • No IT Infrastructure and IT management cost
  • Subscription based: Pay per use & pay per feature
  • A continuously improving product, maintaining the best configurable fit for your organization

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QINO vNext can help you relax?

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Ever since its birthing out of one of the Netherlands largest terminal operators, Brainum has focused on allowing liquid bulk storage terminals all over the world to experience focus, pleasure, ease and maximum profit in their daily work. As true experts, with over 15 years of terminal-specific expertise, the Brainum team knows how to best apply advanced IT for liquid bulk storage and trading businesses.

In 2019, Brainum joined the Implico Group, market leader for terminal automation systems in EMEA (according to ARC market study 2020). The software development and consulting company employs around 250 IT and business experts and has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America.

By providing terminal management software solutions Brainum helps storage and trading companies ensuring a well-informed organization where everyone knows what to do and when, introducing more transparency and control, thus contributing to achieving compliance, improved customer satisfaction and overall improved profitability. Brainum delivers peace of mind and takes full control of your terminal business processes.

It’s all taken care of. We know how.