Support modules

  • Training & qualification management of employees, so that they are suitably qualified for the job
  • Shift planning including shift reports, time writing
  • Management of leave of absence
  • Tracking of salary payments
  • Equipment management for personnel e.g. safety suits
  • Managing labour agreements
  • Efficient utilization of personnel – the right staff are in the right place at the terminal
  • Increased safety and compliance
  • Graphical tracking and representation of the terminal and all its assets (e.g. tanks, pumps, pipes, a.o.)
  • Automatic scheduling of (repetitive and ad hoc) maintenance tasks and checks, and keeping track of costs
  • Increased efficiency – ensures terminal never goes offline
  • Increased safety, quality and compliance
  • Improved cost management of assets
  • Structured and managed release process of documents like procedures, work instructions, MSDS
  • Notification system signalling deviations, initiating required actions and follow-up by authorised employees


  • Provides easy access to all documentation
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Creates institutional memory for your business
  • Informs and guides decisions that need to be made
  • Action tracking of required tasks for regulatory, audit or other purposes


  • Ensures regulatory and other compliance