What Brainum offers

Brainum specializes in IT solutions that:

  • Are designed specifically for liquid bulk storage businesses and help you manage:
    • operations at your tank terminal
    • commercial and administrative processes
    • all supporting processes like management of personnel, equipment and compliance
  • Set an industry standard while being tailored to your needs.
  • Are internet-based, so are available any time and any place through an internet browser, providing staff, customers and suppliers direct on-line access to real-time information, without compromising optimal data security.
  • Are supported by our global partners.

Our solutions are suited to sea-based or inland chemical or oil-based storage terminals, whether an individual terminal or a network of terminals.

Our flagship IT solution means you can run your terminal(s) with one integrated solution, which is structured into 11 modules according to three functional areas:

The overall advantages are:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Better plant and asset utilisation
  • Happier customers
  • Improved safety and compliance, reduced risks
  • Minimised gains and losses, and improved profitability

Download our profile here and for a more detailed description of some of the functionalities we offer, download our brochure here.

Functionality Overview

This diagram shows the Brainum modules in relation to the process and field control layers at your tank terminal, such as the DCS (Distributed Control System) and truck loading facilities. Brainum provides full integration with any existing technical layer, thus enabling the optimization of all operational processes. Administratively, Brainum fully integrates with your accounting software as well as your customs and excise software.