Operations modules

Nominations & orders
  • Administrative and operational supervision of your tank terminal(s).
  • Handles all incoming and outgoing transactions, all product movements, via all transportation means e.g. by barge, vessel, train, truck, and dispatch management.
  • Extra services like heating and blending functionality including Bill Of Material (BOM), simulation and blend history tracking; lot management.
  • Customs integration – talking to customs, handling all documentation, getting approval for discharge.


  • Greater efficiency – helps minimize losses at the terminal(s)
  • Integration with physical tank through digital control system
  • Correct, speedy, easy invoicing
  • Compliance with customs – prevents sending non-imported or non-excise products to places that won’t accept them
Products   Management of commingling stock, book stock, custom stock, physical stock, including:

  • Keeping track of all stock and all movements in stock
  • Handling all possible density and volume correction factors
  • Keeping track of all quality specifications of products
  • Minimises losses and quality issues
Planning Planning of supply & demand per terminal, per jetty, per tank, per client, production planning and (automated) line up and routing selection including:

  • Standard line-up planning: managing timing, ensuring no double-bookings
  • Jetty planning: managing ships coming in and out
  • Operational efficiency through better utilization of the terminal / jetties, can prevent contamination / demurrage, minimises problems and shows the most efficient way to handle multiple operations at the same time
  • Keeps track of gains and losses