Which companies are suitable for your system(s)?
Chemical and oil-based storage terminals, either sea-based or inland, and individual or networks of terminals.

How accessible is your system(s)?
It is fully accessible all the time since it is web-based.

How can my clients access your system(s)?
Because it is web-based, clients can log on and access information at any time.

Does your system(s) run on my own server or can it be hosted externally?
Both options are possible.

How long does it take to implement your system(s)?
For our main IT solution, it usually takes about two months, with additional time for more extensive tailoring.

Can your system(s) be integrated with any kind of DCS system?

What kind of volume types can your system(s) manage?
Litres of an observed temperature, litres per cubic metre, kilos at vacuum, kilos in air.

Is there any risk associated with implementing your system(s)?
It is a tried and tested system and has proven to be a very stable product, so the risks are minimal. Please view what our clients have to say. Our clients are happy to explain the benefits to you, so please contact us to put you into contact with one of them.

How does your flagship system work? Do you purchase the whole thing or does it come in modules?
You can either purchase the system by module or in its entirety. Most clients start with core modules and then expand from there as they need and appreciate greater functionality.

In what language is the system(s) available?
At this stage it is in English, Dutch and French. It can be translated into any other language too.

How does your support service work?
Our technical support team is available 24/7, responding to priority queries within the hour and to other lesser priorities via email within a business day.

In which countries is your service available?
We currently have clients in Europe and the Middle East, but are available worldwide, made possible by our solutions being web-based.

For more questions and / or other queries, please contact:

Martin Keulemans, Director
+31 302671030 (office)
+31 655150191(direct)