Commerce modules

Contracts Registration of all relevant customer and contract data, including pricing, products, etc. Applies to two types of contracts:

  • Rental, where you rent tanks. This module helps keep control of stock of third parties, and facilitates setting up all invoicing rules, prices and volumes.
  • Sales and purchase with pricing, where you buy your own stock and do valuations. For example it facilitates checking whether sales contracts match the purchasing value with the sales value, to determine profitability.
  • Rental: easy invoicing
  • Sales: can assess profitability based on trading
  • Automated generation and communication of invoices based on contracts, orders, meter readings etc.
  • Improved cashflow in your business
  • Buying and selling product
  • Structured and managed processing of order handling (from order to cash)
  • Set pricing strategies and see what the effects are
  • Profitability and credit analysis
  • Helps close deals with customers
  • Helps sell products, price them and determine the margin on sales so that they are profitable