Meet Rahied!

Weedeweedeweet, meet Rahied! Enthusiastic as a puppy, Rahied (36) left an incredible first impression after the job interview. And thusfar we are happy that we trusted our gut feeling! As a selfstarting, proactive autodidact, Rahied completed HBO Electronics in 4 years – while having a full-time job at the same time. In that job he developed himself from a mechanic into the programmer he is now.

Having worked in the cooling installation business for over a decade and having programmed PLC’s for several years, Rahied now wants to ‘make real software’. The reasons why he choose Brainum are:

1)     ‘I want a new challenge. After 10 years of PLC-programming in the same industry, I want to work in another field. The liquid bulk industry is very niche and very interesting!’

2)     ‘I want to work for a solid and financially healthy company’

3)     ‘I want to work with complex software that covers different fields and domains: software that deals with operational and financial matters; software that really makes a difference for the users’

4)     ‘I really want to work in a team, as I think that is a prerequisite for creating the best software.’

So far Rahied’s experiences at Brainum are positive. As he explains:

1)     ‘Human. At Brainum I can be Rahied’

2)     ‘Interesting. QINO is a very complete and technically complex product – in a very interesting niche market’

3)     ‘The organizational structure is very clear’.

Having said that, Rahied grabs his bag and runs for the bus as he does not want to come late for doing what makes his heart really beat. In his free time Rahied runs a soccer school, where he trains and motivates his pupils and with that helps them achieve their dream of becoming ‘the next Messi, Ronaldo or Drogba’. And just like programming, he does that with a smile.