AB-ba-Dabba Do!

Yoo hoo! May we introduce Abdellatif to you?

Ab, an energetic 51-year-‘young’ developer who recently joined the Brainum team, was born in Morocco, where he conducted his professional training before completing the HTS, Hogere Informatica, in Amsterdam. Ab has worked on information retrieval and content management systems for more than 10 years, and also worked on a customisable ERP system responsible for fully managing the business processes of companies specialising in retail and e-commerce. He is experienced in making functional designs, likes building interfaces and enjoys analysing issues through to solution. Ab is an ‘all-round’ developer and deliberately chose Brainum as his new employer for three reasons:

1. The vibrant and dynamic organisational culture;
2. The fact that Brainum has their own development platform in which different technologies are used to develop applications (WebApi, Window services dot.net framework, etc);
3. The interesting niche market/domain Brainum is active in.

Ab is eager to get to know every detail and aspect of Brainum’s software application. Offering the best service to Brainum’s customers and delivering high-quality work on time ensures this happy husband and proud father of two children starts his evenings and weekends with a smile.

Just in his first four weeks at Brainum, Ab proved that he learns quickly and proactively. His enthusiastic approach, friendly way of questioning and hands-on attitude will undoubtedly enrich the development team. Yoo hoo, AB-ba-Dabba Do!