Two new Brainumians!

Summer has arrived, new projects have begun and the Brainum team has expanded – again! We are happy that Ronald and Damoon have joined us!



This ambitious and innovation-driven software engineer joined Brainum in April. In his first month with us, the 41-year-old was nominated for ‘action of the week’ when he demonstrated eagerness to learn and a cooperative attitude when a consultant was in need. Ronald, a true handyman, and lives with his girlfriend in a cosy village in the countryside. He studied Physics in Delft and describes himself as a true programmer, who loves both the technique as well as the customer service side. Ideally, he enjoys employing his experience and knowledge in the functional field in his daily activities, contributing to a better and more complete application. A vegetarian, Ronald does not only bring a critical perspective but also ‘fake meat’ to the lunch table.



The 25-year-old Death metalhead is a recent addition to the Brainum team. On top of his full-time job as an Application Support Engineer, Damoon studies hbo (Business & IT) in his free time. Currently in his second year, he aims to finish the qualification in 2019. Like Martijn, Damoon also previously worked at BDO. He loves spending his holidays exploring new places and relaxing in the sun. If he were a piece of fruit, he would be a banana – delivering ongoing energy and continuing where others stop. Damoon is eager to apply his experience and skills to service our customers better, thus contributing further to Brainum’s customer-oriented focus.