Real Momentum for 2016!

For the first time since Brainum was founded in 2007, Brainum welcomed four new colleagues – in one week! One of them brings a lot of ERP knowledge with him. Two of them have a thorough understanding of the the liquid bulk industry – and the fourth one is eager to get to understand more about the business and ERP. We are proud to introduce them to you:

Uzi will join Brainum as a Software Engineer in the Development team of Christian Middelweerd. This joyful man (58) (born in Israel) has studied ‘Biology’ in the seventies and ‘Statistics and Computer Science’ in the eighties. He has seen most computer languages passing by in the recent years and used them extensively to fulfill his passion: solving technically complex issues! On top of that, Uzi brings over 15 years of ERP experience to the table. Want to know more about warehousing? We bet Uzi will be able to help you. Uzi always smiles and brings positivity and experience to the table!

Born in Iran, but living in the Netherlands for more than 30 years, Mehrdad studied ‘Hogere informatica’ in Amsterdam. Computer programming is his passion! As an RSI-prevention method, he likes to design and create leaded windows, a hobby that takes quite some time- but with amazing results. If it is not leaded windows, than it is photography. Mehrdad is married and lives in Zaandam. Mehrdad started as a software engineer in the Development & Support team.

Martijn joins Brainum as an Application Support Engineer to further strengthen Brainum’s Service Desk. With a background in the storage industry, this 28 year old young man who is currently writing the thesis for his Applied Science (BASc) study is looking forward to strengthening Brainum’s service desk team. Fresh and fruity as he always is, he will not rest until he has reached his goals, which Martijn defines as ‘to have the service desk running in such a way that clients get their correct answers in the best, clearest and fastest way’. Martijn brings a lot of energy to the service desk with his Drive and Positive Energy!

Bringing more than 13 years of Tank Terminal experience, Martin joins Brainum as a Senior Consultant. Going back to the roots of QINO, Martin and Brainum have known each other for a long time. As a terminal automation specialist within the IT department of one of the Benelux’s largest storage companies, Martin knows the business in every detail. It is precisely this knowledge that made him apply at Brainum, as he is eager to apply his knowledge to introducing QINO at liquid bulk terminals. As a colleague he brings humor and intelligence to the team. In his free time Martin is dedicated to learning Spanish!