13 Reasons why FinCo selected QINO

“Why did you select QINO’ one of our colleagues asked John van Loon. FinCo’s Terminal Manager came up with 13 reasons:

1) “‘Ease of use’ is the critical success factor for introducing software and implementing a new way of working. In QINO we found a system that supports our business and is easy to understand. The workflows really follow the best practices in the Liquid Bulk Industry. Training on the job was all that users -at each layer in the organization- needed to optimize their personal productivity and to contribute to ‘The New System.”

2) “Compliancy with regulations is always an area of concern for terminals: QINO gives a transparent, comprehensive insight in the processes at a facility, which provides peace of mind when an audit is announced and performed and the workflows are in line with ‘Deming circle’ principle.”

3) “Many vendors claim that their solution is highly configurable and can be made to be aligned with business practices: QINO is actually fit for terminals and is constantly improved by an organization which harbours more than 10 years of insight knowledge of Liquid Bulk.”

4) “We regard real-time management control as elementary to steering towards profitability and running an organization as efficient as possible. QINO provides management with real-time KPI-information – and at the same time gives customers insight in their stocks.”

5) “Being in controll of your processes, means that you have the ability to manage by exception. We wanted a system that supports this philosophy and alerts us when necessary, i.e. when process indicators are outside predefined tolerance levels. Exactly that is what QINO does.”

6) “We believe in having one single version of the truth for all staff that requires realtime insight in the status of business processes. Doing double data entry becomes history: QINO turns data into real information!”

7) “We needed the ability to remotely control the operational processes taking place on several locations from one point, which supports smart & optimal usage of resources.”

8) “We needed a stable, robust but still flexible workflow driven tool to manage all tasks and actions, varying from maintenance, SHEQ and all tasks in one integrated system that can support FinCo’s strategy for continuous growth.”

9) “Stock administration is at the heart of our business; QINO gives us total control on stock levels, enables us to manage differences after each manipulation and supports in-depth analysis in trends and forecasts on stock.”

10) “We require an up-to-date view on our equipment in the field, with well structured tagging in place. QINO supports pro-active maintenance, leading to cost-effectiveness and higher safety levels in our operational processes.”

11) “By using specific inlogs, all (external) parties have access to the information they need, stimulating interaction and fast communication (e.g. customer creates nomination; external engineers and maintenance contractors complete workorders) and preventing departments and stakeholders from doing double work.”

12) “Wish to centrally manage all types of terminal related documents in one system. Documents are digitally stored and automatically generated and send out, saving time and creating oversight – simplifying terminal life.”

13) “Desire to automate the terminal by linking documentation, invoicing and customer stock levels for more oversight and maximum terminal control.”