Diversity boosts Brainum!

Sportive and practical, that is Bas, our youngest new Brainumian (25). The programming he learned during his studies and in the projects he completed alongside turned him into the interested and motivated full-stack developer he is. Aware of the latest AngularJS technologies Bas is always focussed to combine the front and back end. He is a dedicated colleague who quickly understands a problem and enthusiastically solves it – and currently is leading in Brainum’s Unreal Tournament Competition. His first months @ Brainum he describes as: a busy job, in an organization that is rapidly professionalizing. Bas is eager to contribute in addressing the interesting challenges ahead! Welcome Bas! We are happy to have you here!

Within 3 months after the youngest colleague joined the Brainum Team, the team was further diversified by Han, who brings 54 years of life experience to the table. Fond of travelling and reading about prehistoric history, Han digests kilometers of books during the weekend, while sipping beer in his garden chair. That is for him the best way to prepare himself for his workweek – which already after 6 weeks is filled both with interesting assignments (‘How to get to know the QINO application ASAP?’) and achievements to be proud at. One of the projects Han is currently working on is QINO CMMS. Han enthusiastically applies his communicative skills to get the job done – which amongst other things concerns the preparing and uploading of the asset data of 16 terminals of one of our customers. Han does not only distinguish himself by his hobby, also by the lunch that he eats. As such there are no complicated lunch requests we need to consider: it is fruit that gives Han his happy mood! Good to have you join our team!