New: Niels!

Brainum’s helpdesk has recently been strengthened by a new colleague. With his 28 years, Niels is our youngest Brainumian. He is experienced in giving first tier helpdesk support and adding new features for our customers. While approaching issues like a ‘young dog’, Niels brings new energy to the helpdesk team.

Sports he prefers doing sitting and behind his computer, as per his motto ‘Gaming is Braintraining’ he experiences excitement and relaxing at the same time! Being a fan of cabaret he knows Hans Teeuwen’s sketches by head. If he were a fruit or vegetable, he would be a Paprika. However, in real life he does not like veggies or fruits that much and believes that it is not one apple but one Lipton Ice Tea a day, that keeps the doctor away.

Whether a result of his ‘Braintraining’ or not: his verbally giftedness in combination with the deadpan voice he delivers his jokes in, make him a valuable addition to the team. Besides servicing our clients, Niels is currently developing a new interface for connecting QINO to Qlite. You can reach Niels at: 030-2671030