Standic and Haan Oilstorage select Brainum to provide QINO TMS

Brainum, has been selected by Standic and Haan Oilstorage to provide its Terminal Management System “QINO” to manage all activities at both terminals.

Standic and Haan Oilstorage acquired both QINO Operations, QINO Commerce and QINO Compliance. Interfaces with DCS/ Scada (Honeywell), Financial Accounting (Lodder) and Customs (Softpak) are included in the scope. This fully integrated solution enables Standic and Haan Oilstorage to manage the entire process from contract up to the invoice – and everything in between through one application.

Based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Standic and Haan Oilstorage are two expanding independent bulk liquid storage terminals, both part of the Hametha Group. Their mission being to maintain the highest service in storage, Standic and Haan Oilstorage offer their clients flexibility and quality to meet the supply chain needs. Standic and Haan Oilstorage focus on quality and safety in a very dynamic environment and expects their software to support these goals.

Standic selected QINO because it is expected to best fits their mission and goals. “This flexible system will enable us to perform on a high level”. The team is very enthusiastic about all possibilities QINO provides. Standic and Haan Oilstorage expects their service will improve by implementing a new TMS. Client satisfaction will be brought to higher levels. As Mr. Ooms (managing director of Standic and Oilstorage) stated: “The high level of integration allows for an transparent and easy gathering and exchanging of data. Not only internally between departments but also between us and the ERP systems of our clients. This all contributes to the quality and flexibility of our service.”

The project was kicked-off last March in Dordrecht. During the first phase the processes will be fine-tuned and the software configured. In Q3/Q4 the system will be tested and staff will be trained. QINO is planned to go live per January 1 2016. Both Brainum and Standic and Haan Oilstorage are looking forward to realize the planned improvements.