FinCo: Happy to have QINO implemented

FinCo is a new, independent company which operates in the storage, trading and distribution of oil and oil-related products in Northwest Europe. FinCo uses strategic investments to secure access to infrastructure linked to physical oil markets. Anticipating on the changing market conditions in the global energy markets in which supply security, blending with biofuels and the further reduction of CO2 emissions are central, FinCo has selected QINO as the central management software.

‘Being a business management tool that supports all operational activities -from contract all the way up to the invoice(s), moreover for multiple entities (storage, supply and bunkering), the software’s logic and wide functionality in combination with a profound level of embedded knowledge made Brainum’s software solution stand out. At the terminal, the software was implemented within one month. The fine-tuning of the trading processes took 2.5 months, but has not exceeded Brainum’s implementation planning (Jan Willem van der Velden, founder Coloured Finches).