Brainum joins iTanks!

In May 2014 Brainum became a member of The Netherlands  independent knowledge platform that strives to  make Rotterdam the most modern and effective harbour in the world.

Birthed in 2012, iTanks is the independent knowledge platform to stimulate innovations in the liquid bulk industry in the Netherlands. By bringing together people and companies, iTanks focusses on sharing knowledge and generating (and ultimately realizing) new concepts – especially in the fields of efficiency, safety and environmental awareness.  As such, Itanks organizes several events such as brainstorm sessions, round table discussions, conferences and innovation pitches following their philosophy” from individual challenges to shared solutions”. As a result ITanks has contributed to several innovative solutions during its short existence already.

Brainum is looking forward to participate in the activities and sessions and as such strives to contribute to renewed innovations for the Dutch harbours and the industry around. Brainum and iTanks are planning to organize an activity on the ‘ideal terminal’ during the course of this year.