QINO – Royal Dirkzwager interface

Botlek Tank Terminal in Rotterdam has recently extended its QINO Terminal Management System with a new interface.  This new interface enables direct communication between QINO and Royal Dirkzwager’s vessel movement system. The interface exchanges two types of information:

  1. Vessel information (length, width, depth, etc.) is real time received and instantly processed in QINO which optimizes nomination and order entry.
  2. Vessel position information and ETA’s. This accurate data optimizes the planning process considerably, like berths, jetties and movements.  

This new interface leads to more terminal efficiency.  As operational manager Milton Lobman said: “The interface prevents a lot of useless frustration at the administrations department. Required vessel data like IMO numbers is now instantly received, hugely speeding up nomination entry and preventing mistakes”.

Brainum and Royal Dirkzwager now work on supplementary functionality. This functionality will amongst other things further optimize the automatic visitor registration.