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BTT, Descartes and customs integration

For BTT, Brainum implemented a tight integration between our IT system and the client's Customs Management System (by partner Descartes), which handles their customs procedures. This operation includes inbound and outbound orders (imports / exports) - of bonded, free and excise goods, stock adjustments (plus and minus) and transfers. These transactions are initiated via interfaces between the Brainum system and the CMS and are uniquely identified by a Brainum ID.

For BTT three warehouses were set up:

  • Bonded Warehouse (BWH)
  • Free Warehouse (FWH)
  • Excise Warehouse (EWH)

All transactions performed are initiated by Brainum's system, which delivers the required information to support the different processes by BTT's operation. Each process/transaction initiates an interface where messages are exchanged. These interfaces are:

  • Inbound orders: storing bulk products in one of the warehouses depending on the customs status.
  • Outbound orders: shipping bulk products from one of the warehouses depending on the customs status.
  • Transfers:
    • Physical
    • Administrative: which included change of owner/SKU transfers, Clearing from the Tank, Transfer Excise Free


"Brainum has delivered the following advantages to us. We have full visibility and traceability on the (customs) status of lots (inbound, outbound); our customs personnel work in one system only and no longer need to be on site during nights and weekends; our operation is increasingly efficient as documentation can be prepared in advance and notifications are received automatically allowing vessels to depart or offload sooner; and there are cost savings with no need to hire an external customers declaration company." Frank de Leng, BTT


BTT, Honeywell and DCS Integration

For client BTT, Brainum developed an integration with the Honeywell DCS system. The objective of this integration is to offer BTT a "TomTom" function to define routes between source and destination. Within the terminal infrastructure, the DCS system is responsible for controlling all equipment. The Brainum system handles the planning of orders, line-ups and routing. The order and associated line-up are sent to the DCS, from where it can be checked and started.

There are multiple ways to define a line-up for a movement:

  • Fixed: each combination of source and destination has a fixed route (most commonly used)
  • Variable: the combination of source and destination have multiple routes, from which the operator can choose (historic routes)
  • Manual: the operator selects each line-up segment manually

The selection of a line-up by Brainum's system is checked against multiple rules:

  • Availability of equipment and pipe lines
  • Product group (to avoid contamination)
  • Equipment maintenance status (outage)
  • Volume

Very useful is the option to print out the "loop route" (list of equipment and pipeline segments for a specific movement). 


"The benefits to our business have been clear. There is reduced risk of contamination, more efficient use of lines, and less need for line cleaning given re-use of lines for orders with the same products." Charles Smissaert, BTT


Customer access for Nova Terminals' customers

Nova Terminals offers its customers (large oil companies) direct access to the Brainum system. Through a specific web-browser, Nova's customers have real-time visibility of their stocks and orders, 24 hours a day.

Customers have a dedicated web-based dashboard for:

  • Stock reports
  • Entering nominations and orders
  • A real-time overview of orders (status)
  • Managing allocations
  • Uploading and downloading relevant (order) documents

"Giving our customers direct access has resulted in increased customer satisfaction as they always have access to real-time information, and increased efficiency, as all customer related reports and information are generated automatically." Eduard Reitsema, Nova Terminals


Interfacing with Navision's accounting system for The Falzon Group

The Falzon Group has a storage facility and also trades in oil products, and uses the Brainum system to interface with its accounting system (by partner Navision) for specific advantages.

The Brainum system operates as the primary (master) data source for clients, contracts (sales and purchase), orders, invoices and volumes/stocks. This data is interfaced to Navision automatically. At regular intervals (daily), the stock value is calculated in the Brainum system and sent and registered in the appropriate journals in Navision. Invoices are created automatically and sent to the relevant journals as well.


"Integrating Brainum's system with Navision has led to many advantages. Greater efficiency, as our data only needs to be maintained on one system; lower costs as fewer Navision licenses are needed internally; and better stock reconciliation, both in volume and financial parameters." Alessandro Runco, The Falzon Group



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