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Brainum joins forces with Implico

November 2019 - We are pleased to announce that Brainum merges with Implico. 

Implico is a leading software and consulting company for the oil and gas sector. The merger brings together the innovation programs of both companies, especially in the future-looking areas of cloud and digitisation.

The acquisition of Brainum marks a big step in the global growth strategy of Implico. Henceforth, both partners will bundle their competencies. With OpenTAS, Implico offers a particularly feature-rich automation software for tank farms and refineries. In addition, Implico develops the SAP downstream solutions. With QINO, Brainum has a powerful cloud-based terminal management system in its portfolio. After the merger, Brainum will continue to operate autonomously. The acquisition will give Implico better access to the important Benelux market, especially the Netherlands, where numerous oil and gas companies are located.

“The two firms complement each other perfectly”, says Tim Hoffmeister, CEO of Implico. “Together with our Dutch colleagues, we will further extend our position as thought leader of digital transformation in downstream. Implico has unique expertise in data communications and web services. Brainum has exceptional knowledge of cloud technologies and tank terminal management. The fusion of this know-how allows for new, future-looking solutions and services.”

Martin Keulemans, Managing Director of Brainum, adds: “With Implico as a strong partner by our side, we will proceed on our innovation course. The interest in Brainum is a sign of great appreciation for our team and our work. We are proud and happy to be part of the international Implico family now.”

12-02-2019: QINO LIVE @ MAASTANK

Brainum's management software QINO has been implemented successfully at Dekker’s terminal Maastank in Botlek Rotterdam. This means that as of 12th of February 2019 Brainum's dedicated liquid bulk storage IT Solution QINO will guide Maastank’s operators in Botlek Rotterdam through the commercial, operational and financial processes.

The processes and QINO configurations will serve as a blueprint for the QINO implementation at Dekker’s terminals in Ouderkerk a/d Ijssel and Poland. All Dekker's terminals will use Brainum's full scope solution to integrate all logistical and operational processes and to bring transparency to all stakeholders.

Brainum congratulates Maastank with de implementation of QINO.

“…Can you hear the drums, Fernando…”

“…Can you hear the drums, Fernando…”

Almost certainly named after the seventies-song by Abba, this 38-year-old hipster stepped into Brainum to shake up some of our things. Born, raised and educated in São Paulo, Brazil, we cant help but notice a lot of samba in his hips and a spicy South-American temperament in his C# programming code.


“…They were closer now, Fernando…”

From a rural village to a big city, from London to Utrecht – during a 15-year journey, Fernando picked up his programming skills on the Microsoft platform, working with many different types of businesses. His specialties; “Problem solving and fixing things.”


“…The stars were bright, Fernando…”

He loves photography and – as expected – difficult music. He enjoys filmmaking, sound art, literature and animals. And totally off-topic: Japanese culture and food.


“… In the firelight, Fernando…”

The Belbin-test on him was clear: “Completer Finisher, Monitor Evaluator, Shaper!” And that’s what he took with him to Brainum in his search for a career step and a gateway from the big-city rush life. Let’s be honest; “Utrecht is almost a little village…” He plans to specialise in the niche market where Brainum operates.


“…Now we're old and grey, Fernando…”

As expected from a travelling man, he’s into antique shops and going fishing. One of his bucket list items is; “Take flight lessons!” He’s not 100-percent normal, no, because he loves to collect skulls. Animal skulls…


Juggling John

From the lavish shores of Bloemendaal to the higher underground circles of Leiden academia, this 53-year-old Haarlem-based Dutch computer-games pioneer and geek wizard has been restlessly active in the IT universe, programming for pretty much every kind of fun box with electricity inside it since before he could grow a beard. During the past 40 or so years, John has avoided a real job so he that could do more interesting stuff, like write books and magazine articles for acclaimed publications, put out fires for IT companies, train Dobermans for Steven Seagal movies, and code the frameworks for web applications with more business functionalities than the amount of times his mom, wife and kids have probably reminded him that it is "bed time, John!"

John van der Aart, who you can read about on Wikipedia, became bored with constantly disappearing into freelance smoke, and took up the challenge of laying the nifty foundations of the next-level QINO. When not in the office or looking for his ancient ski shoes (long-lost amidst bottles of Pinot Noir and Burgundy in the back of some dusty black van), the grunge-shirt-and-hiking-boots-wearing Microsoft fan can be found indulging himself with Run DMC, Johnny Winter, early ZZ Top and all sorts of French delights – cheese, wine, movies, or the 37 fancy phonemes of the language itself – in his charming country house retreat in... guess where? Rural France.


Meet Rahied!

Weedeweedeweet, meet Rahied! Enthusiastic as a puppy, Rahied (36) left an incredible first impression after the job interview. And thusfar we are happy that we trusted our gut feeling! As a selfstarting, proactive autodidact, Rahied completed HBO Electronics in 4 years – while having a full-time job at the same time. In that job he developed himself from a mechanic into the programmer he is now.

Having worked in the cooling installation business for over a decade and having programmed PLC’s for several years, Rahied now wants to ‘make real software’. The reasons why he choose Brainum are:


1)     ‘I want a new challenge. After 10 years of PLC-programming in the same industry, I want to work in another field. The liquid bulk industry is very niche and very interesting!’

2)     ‘I want to work for a solid and financially healthy company’

3)     ‘I want to work with complex software that covers different fields and domains: software that deals with operational and financial matters; software that really makes a difference for the users’

4)     ‘I really want to work in a team, as I think that is a prerequisite for creating the best software.'


So far Rahied’s experiences at Brainum are positive. As he explains:

1)     ‘Human. At Brainum I can be Rahied’

2)     ‘Interesting. QINO is a very complete and technically complex product – in a very interesting niche market’

3)     ‘The organizational structure is very clear’.


Having said that, Rahied grabs his bag and runs for the bus as he does not want to come late for doing what makes his heart really beat. In his free time Rahied runs a soccer school, where he trains and motivates his pupils and with that helps them achieve their dream of becoming ‘the next Messi, Ronaldo or Drogba’. And just like programming, he does that with a smile.


13 Reasons why FinCo selected QINO

"Why did you select QINO' one of our colleagues asked John van Loon. FinCo's Terminal Manager came up with 13 reasons:

1) "'Ease of use' is the critical success factor for introducing software and implementing a new way of working. In QINO we found a system that supports our business and is easy to understand. The workflows really follow the best practices in the Liquid Bulk Industry. Training on the job was all that users -at each layer in the organization- needed to optimize their personal productivity and to contribute to 'The New System."

2) "Compliancy with regulations is always an area of concern for terminals: QINO gives a transparent, comprehensive insight in the processes at a facility, which provides peace of mind when an audit is announced and performed and the workflows are in line with 'Deming circle' principle."

3) "Many vendors claim that their solution is highly configurable and can be made to be aligned with business practices: QINO is actually fit for terminals and is constantly improved by an organization which harbours more than 10 years of insight knowledge of Liquid Bulk."

4) "We regard real-time management control as elementary to steering towards profitability and running an organization as efficient as possible. QINO provides management with real-time KPI-information - and at the same time gives customers insight in their stocks."

5) "Being in controll of your processes, means that you have the ability to manage by exception. We wanted a system that supports this philosophy and alerts us when necessary, i.e. when process indicators are outside predefined tolerance levels. Exactly that is what QINO does."

6) "We believe in having one single version of the truth for all staff that requires realtime insight in the status of business processes. Doing double data entry becomes history: QINO turns data into real information!"

7) "We needed the ability to remotely control the operational processes taking place on several locations from one point, which supports smart & optimal usage of resources."

8) "We needed a stable, robust but still flexible workflow driven tool to manage all tasks and actions, varying from maintenance, SHEQ and all tasks in one integrated system that can support FinCo's strategy for continuous growth."

9) "Stock administration is at the heart of our business; QINO gives us total control on stock levels, enables us to manage differences after each manipulation and supports in-depth analysis in trends and forecasts on stock."

10) "We require an up-to-date view on our equipment in the field, with well structured tagging in place. QINO supports pro-active maintenance, leading to cost-effectiveness and higher safety levels in our operational processes."

11) "By using specific inlogs, all (external) parties have access to the information they need, stimulating interaction and fast communication (e.g. customer creates nomination; external engineers and maintenance contractors complete workorders) and preventing departments and stakeholders from doing double work."

12) "Wish to centrally manage all types of terminal related documents in one system. Documents are digitally stored and automatically generated and send out, saving time and creating oversight – simplifying terminal life."

13) "Desire to automate the terminal by linking documentation, invoicing and customer stock levels for more oversight and maximum terminal control."


Real Momentum for 2016!

For the first time since Brainum was founded in 2007, Brainum welcomed four new colleagues – in one week! One of them brings a lot of ERP knowledge with him. Two of them have a thorough understanding of the the liquid bulk industry – and the fourth one is eager to get to understand more about the business and ERP. We are proud to introduce them to you:

Uzi will join Brainum as a Software Engineer in the Development team of Christian Middelweerd. This joyful man (58) (born in Israel) has studied 'Biology' in the seventies and 'Statistics and Computer Science' in the eighties. He has seen most computer languages passing by in the recent years and used them extensively to fulfill his passion: solving technically complex issues! On top of that, Uzi brings over 15 years of ERP experience to the table. Want to know more about warehousing? We bet Uzi will be able to help you. Uzi always smiles and brings positivity and experience to the table!

Born in Iran, but living in the Netherlands for more than 30 years, Mehrdad studied 'Hogere informatica' in Amsterdam. Computer programming is his passion! As an RSI-prevention method, he likes to design and create leaded windows, a hobby that takes quite some time- but with amazing results. If it is not leaded windows, than it is photography. Mehrdad is married and lives in Zaandam. Mehrdad started as a software engineer in the Development & Support team.

Martijn joins Brainum as an Application Support Engineer to further strengthen Brainum's Service Desk. With a background in the storage industry, this 28 year old young man who is currently writing the thesis for his Applied Science (BASc) study is looking forward to strengthening Brainum's service desk team. Fresh and fruity as he always is, he will not rest until he has reached his goals, which Martijn defines as 'to have the service desk running in such a way that clients get their correct answers in the best, clearest and fastest way'. Martijn brings a lot of energy to the service desk with his Drive and Positive Energy!

Bringing more than 13 years of Tank Terminal experience, Martin joins Brainum as a Senior Consultant. Going back to the roots of QINO, Martin and Brainum have known each other for a long time. As a terminal automation specialist within the IT department of one of the Benelux's largest storage companies, Martin knows the business in every detail. It is precisely this knowledge that made him apply at Brainum, as he is eager to apply his knowledge to introducing QINO at liquid bulk terminals. As a colleague he brings humor and intelligence to the team. In his free time Martin is dedicated to learning Spanish!

01-02-2016: QINO live @ FinCo Terminal Groningen (FTG)

Within 3 weeks after FinCo acquired the AOG terminal, Brainum's management software QINO has been implemented at the terminal in Groningen. This means that as of 1st of February 2016 Brainum's dedicated liquid bulk storage and trading IT Solution QINO will guide FinCo's operators in Groningen through the operational processes.. Introducing intelligent terminal management software/ QINO at FinCo Terminal Groningen (FTG) is in line with FinCo's vision that optimal integration of supply, logistics, sales and marketing is the key to delivering customers the best products and services under the most competitive conditions. With QINO, FinCo has insight in the heart beat of the terminal.

The processes and QINO configurations implemented earlier at QINO FinCo Terminal Amsterdam (FTA) served as a blueprint for the implementation at FinCo Terminal Groningen, which resulted in a smooth go live. The most challenging deliverable was the development of the 'DTN Guardian3™ (DTN G3) Trucklifting Interface' in close cooperation with Schneider Electric. This results in high end and high quality business process integration.

All FinCo's terminals use Brainum's full scope solution to integrate all logistical and operational processes and to bring transparency to the floor.

Brainum congratulates FinCo with the newly achieved business.

Diversity boosts Brainum!

Sportive and practical, that is Bas, our youngest new Brainumian (25). The programming he learned during his studies and in the projects he completed alongside turned him into the interested and motivated full-stack developer he is. Aware of the latest AngularJS technologies Bas is always focussed to combine the front and back end. He is a dedicated colleague who quickly understands a problem and enthusiastically solves it - and currently is leading in Brainum's Unreal Tournament Competition. His first months @ Brainum he describes as: a busy job, in an organization that is rapidly professionalizing. Bas is eager to contribute in addressing the interesting challenges ahead! Welcome Bas! We are happy to have you here!

Within 3 months after the youngest colleague joined the Brainum Team, the team was further diversified by Han, who brings 54 years of life experience to the table. Fond of travelling and reading about prehistoric history, Han digests kilometers of books during the weekend, while sipping beer in his garden chair. That is for him the best way to prepare himself for his workweek – which already after 6 weeks is filled both with interesting assignments ('How to get to know the QINO application ASAP?') and achievements to be proud at. One of the projects Han is currently working on is QINO CMMS. Han enthusiastically applies his communicative skills to get the job done – which amongst other things concerns the preparing and uploading of the asset data of 16 terminals of one of our customers. Han does not only distinguish himself by his hobby, also by the lunch that he eats. As such there are no complicated lunch requests we need to consider: it is fruit that gives Han his happy mood! Good to have you join our team!

Brainum appoints Operations Director

Utrecht, January 8th 2016 – Tank Terminal IT Solution provider Brainum appoints Patrick Mast as Operations Director per 1 January 2016.


Patrick was asked by the shareholders to join Brainum as Operations Director. He will play a vital role in the development of the company into a new phase, after a few years of turbulent growth. Martin Keulemans, Commercial Director of Brainum: “I’m happy that Patrick joins the Brainum Team. Our growth of the recent years made us decide to better structure the company in order to serve our existing and new customers better. Given Patrick’s 20+ years of leading IT departments, and his 10+ years’ experience in the terminal business, he has the experience Brainum needs in the upcoming years. Having worked at two of our customers, Patrick knows better than anyone else what customers expect from Brainum”.


Patrick Mast is looking forward to his new position: “My experience as being the first customer of Brainum’s flagship application QINO in 2005, and more recently as CIO of FinCo selecting QINO as the key application within FinCo, give me the background to know what a customer needs from Brainum and its business critical applications. I want to deploy this experience within Brainum to manage the growth of the company and to increase customer satisfaction.”


The role of Operations Director is new within Brainum, as many of the operational duties were previously handled by Martin Keulemans. Splitting up the commercial and operational responsibilities is one of the many steps in organizing and structuring the company to manage its growth and to be prepared for the exciting years ahead.

Meet Marco!

As Brainum's business is expanding rapidly we were in need of reinforcement, and we found a very capable new colleague in Marco. He is an experienced QINO end-user who has first-hand experience with implementing QINO from the client's perspective. His elaborate experience in the liquid bulk storage industry in combination with his communicative personality enable Marco to liaise between developers and our software users. As such he is an active member of our helpdesk and he is available for training sessions. This conscientious new employee brings to the table his knowledge of the liquid bulk industry as well as a relaxed disposition. On a personal level we know him as a cycling enthusiast and a proud father of two. You can reach Marco by phone at 030-2671030.


Standic and Haan Oilstorage select Brainum to provide QINO TMS

Brainum, has been selected by Standic and Haan Oilstorage to provide its Terminal Management System "QINO" to manage all activities at both terminals.

Standic and Haan Oilstorage acquired both QINO Operations, QINO Commerce and QINO Compliance. Interfaces with DCS/ Scada (Honeywell), Financial Accounting (Lodder) and Customs (Softpak) are included in the scope. This fully integrated solution enables Standic and Haan Oilstorage to manage the entire process from contract up to the invoice – and everything in between through one application.

Based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Standic and Haan Oilstorage are two expanding independent bulk liquid storage terminals, both part of the Hametha Group. Their mission being to maintain the highest service in storage, Standic and Haan Oilstorage offer their clients flexibility and quality to meet the supply chain needs. Standic and Haan Oilstorage focus on quality and safety in a very dynamic environment and expects their software to support these goals.

Standic selected QINO because it is expected to best fits their mission and goals. "This flexible system will enable us to perform on a high level". The team is very enthusiastic about all possibilities QINO provides. Standic and Haan Oilstorage expects their service will improve by implementing a new TMS. Client satisfaction will be brought to higher levels. As Mr. Ooms (managing director of Standic and Oilstorage) stated: "The high level of integration allows for an transparent and easy gathering and exchanging of data. Not only internally between departments but also between us and the ERP systems of our clients. This all contributes to the quality and flexibility of our service."

The project was kicked-off last March in Dordrecht. During the first phase the processes will be fine-tuned and the software configured. In Q3/Q4 the system will be tested and staff will be trained. QINO is planned to go live per January 1 2016. Both Brainum and Standic and Haan Oilstorage are looking forward to realize the planned improvements.



Curoil: expanding and optimizing by implementing QINO

Operating from the Caribbean, Curacao Oil NV (Curoil), is a reliable supplier of high-quality oil and gas products and related services, serving local, regional and international markets. With its main base of operations located on Curacao, the Dutch Caribbean, the company is responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing of petroleum products on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Most recently, Curoil acquired Brainum's Tank Terminal IT Solution QINO, which provides the perfect platform to support the company in managing its purchasing & sales processes, as well as its operational activities such as storage and distribution. By integrating these processes, QINO will help Curoil service its clients in a more efficient manner.

Mr. Yamil Lasten, Managing Director of Curoil, stated that Curoil is committed to offer its customers a wide variety of high-quality oil and gas products and related services. "Our services are available 24/7 year-round. The upcoming introduction of QINO will enable us to offer our customers the accustomed high-quality fuels in a short turnaround time, in addition to an improved control over our supply chain".

QINO promises to automate the sales process to the benefit of Curoil's customers. The implementation of the Tank Terminal IT solution started in April. Both Brainum and Curoil are looking forward to the upcoming implementation process.

Tank Storage Middle East 2015 Abu Dhabi – an amazing event!

Brainum stand

Brainum successfully participated at Easyfairs' first Tank Storage event in the Middle Eastern Region. Not knowing what to expect , the event turned out to be quite good. The exhibition offered Brainum a place to show its products and meet people from the Middle Eastern region, like from UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Like in Rotterdam and Hamburg, our dartboard was present in Abu Dhabi as well. Visitors as well as other stand holders did their best to win the prize, which was won by Montiano Blom, the Cycle, who threw 'double bull'.  Brainum currently has an office and three clients in Fujairah, UAE.

Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC achieved QINO

Being our third customer in the UAE, Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC has selected QINO to support their administrative, commercial and operational processes. The scope of the project that is planned to go live in Q2 2015, makes FOT a state-of-the-art terminal that offers its clients a wide range of services.

Fujairah Oil Terminals (FOT) is a 1.177 million cubic meter onshore oil storage facility based in Fujairah, UAE and the first independent third-party crude oil storage terminal in the Middle East. It is owned by a group of shareholders, including the Government of Fujairah, Sinopec Kantons and Concord Energy. The liquid bulk terminal will store crude oil, fuel oil, gasoil and gasoline. The storage facility will meet international standards, complying with the equator principles for financing and targets independent oil majors and national oil companies to lease and utilize the facilities on a long-term sustainable basis. FOT will play a crucial part in Fujiarah’s growing role as a regional oil hub.

What FOT values most is the way Brainum’s experience and business knowledge is present in the complete and integrated functionality of the Terminal Management Solution QINO.


Brainum joins iTanks!

In May 2014 Brainum became a member of The Netherlands  independent knowledge platform that strives to  make Rotterdam the most modern and effective harbour in the world.

Birthed in 2012, iTanks is the independent knowledge platform to stimulate innovations in the liquid bulk industry in the Netherlands. By bringing together people and companies, iTanks focusses on sharing knowledge and generating (and ultimately realizing) new concepts - especially in the fields of efficiency, safety and environmental awareness.  As such, Itanks organizes several events such as brainstorm sessions, round table discussions, conferences and innovation pitches following their philosophy” from individual challenges to shared solutions". As a result ITanks has contributed to several innovative solutions during its short existence already.

Brainum is looking forward to participate in the activities and sessions and as such strives to contribute to renewed innovations for the Dutch harbours and the industry around. Brainum and iTanks are planning to organize an activity on the ‘ideal terminal’ during the course of this year. 

Successfull implementation at Argos Terminals

Argos Terminals, one of the larger Petroleum terminals in Rotterdam, successfully implemented Brainum's Order-to-Cash tank terminal IT system. Brainum’s newly designed Maintenance Management module is planned to be implemented at Argos Terminals in coming July 2013.

As part of the project at Argos Terminals, Brainum has developed an interface with Kewill, an advanced Customs Management System.  Brainum is now offering interfaces with the two leading Customs Management systems: Descartes and Kewill.

Brainum in UAE

Brainum has started implementation of its Order-to-Cash solution for Gulf Petrochem’s Fujairah terminal in the United Arab Emirates. Gulf Petrochem expects to go live with Brainum before the summer of 2013.



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